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Ian Selby's Gen X Design Blog Nothing's cooler than writing a bad-ass site or application and watching it gain popularity and a significant user base. By the same token, nothing's more frustrating than watching your app fall on its face when its running under high load. If you're like me, you know how disheartening this can be, as it usually means that it's time for a hard dose of reality: your code probably isn't as awesome as you thought it was. Or is it? There’s a whole slew of things that a person could point a finger at regarding slowly running code. The most-oft thing that gets called out is code with a lot of overhead (a ton of includes, excessive logic, and the like), and right behind that is poorly designed databases (unoptimized indexes, no indexes, ridiculous amounts of joins, blah, blah, blah). Well, let’s assume for a minute that you’ve ... (more)